embrace a location-aware world

Let us help your business with customisable online maps.

As more businesses implement IoT, AI and Big Data, geospatial information will be the key enabler for this digital transformation.

Pave the way for better workflow automation and process management by adding spatial dimension.

Add location context to your business applications

MAP APIs for web

Integrating maps to website applications has never been easier.

With our customizable APIs, offering map tiles in raster or vector format, request an API key and get started today..

Map APIs gives your business the ability to:

  • POWER your fleet and logistics applications with routing, geocoding, navigation and other optional datasets.

  • ENABLE business intelligence systems with location-based data for true analysis.

  • INTEGRATE your app with powerful navigation supported by automotive grade map database, including speed limits and POIs.

maps for mobile apps

Add location to your mobile applications.

If you need to add location to your application we offer comprehensive map SDKs (Android and iOS) to locate or track people, assets or vehicles plus the ability to display information on a map.

Online Maps gives your business the ability to:

ADD A MAP to your application using APIs with responsive design and global map coverage.

VISUALIZE LOCATION of your fleet and logistics operations and assets for improved monitoring.

COMBINE ONLINE MAPS with advanced geospatial capabilities like online search, geo-coding and routing.


Online Maps API

Online Maps API for either static or interactive maps with real-time map updates.


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Online Routing API for accurate planning and navigation from route A to B including travel times based on real-time and historic traffic.


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Online Search API for geocoding, reverse-geocoding and address lookup including filtering with 3rd party POI datasets.


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Online Traffic API for traffic speed and incidents information to overlay and view congestion level, traffic jams, roadworks, blocked roads, closures and many more.


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Map SDKs

Map SDKs to easily integrate maps for Web, Android and iOS.


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Quality up-to-date maps

Automotive-Grade Quality Map Data

Map coverage of over 51 million km of navigable roads globally.


Map coverage for 58 countries and teritories with over 5.1 million km of neavigable roads


Over 25 years in intelligent map-making with regular map release updates.

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get the right location data

Intelligent Location Data

We help our clients to adopt location intelligence critical to future business survival

Intelligent Traffic Data

We help our clients integrate intelligent traffic solutions to improve operational efficiencies.

A few reasons to work with us

15+ Years Mapping

We’ve been map-making since our inception in 2002. We’re a trusted maps partner with global map coverage and extensive Africa coverage.

Innovative Solutions

We believe in creating collaborative location solutions with our clients and partners. Delivering a differentiated set of offerings for the African market.

Level 1 B-BBEE

We’re committed to local development and transformation. With our B-BBEE level status we’ve achieved the ideal balance of global depth and local agility.