intelligent logistics solutions

Find a better way to navigate and optimize your logistics operations.

Monitor driver behaviour patterns and decrease fuel consumption, plus reduce the number of kilometres driven.

Improve driver productivity and efficiency with real-time maps essential for the planning and optimisation of routes.

Accurately see the location of each of your assets and how to better manage them.

map data

We offer highly accurate maps for 200 countries and territories, covering over 51 million km of navigable roads globally.

Power your fleet and logistics applications with routing, geocoding, navigation and other optional datasets. We offer detailed road network information, accurate addresses and extensive speed limits coverage. The map data is ISO certified and meets the requirements of the most demanding applications from geospatial analysis to autonomous driving. The data can be accessed through a variety of formats including SHP files and APIs.

traffic & speed data

We offer real-time, historic traffic data and speed data with over trillions of data points and over 11 billion new records added every day.

Assist operators and despatch managers with routing drivers around traffic incidents, helping to reduce time and fuel cost and increase customer satisfaction.
Our traffic data offers highly granular speed and bottleneck information to help drivers arrive quicker, safer and on time to their destination. Query traffic data based on travel time, average speed and probe counts on certain segments of a road or area on a certain time of day or year.

mobile workforce solutions

We offer an innovative cloud-based mobile workforce solution. In a connected world find smarter ways to optimize your mobile workforce.

Real-time field workforce and fleet visibility with the ability to view current utilisation and job dispatches. Generate electronic job cards and send directly to mobile device.
See job status and get progress automated updates with comprehensive online reporting capabilities.

online maps

We offer Online Maps, based on automotive-grade quality map data, for you to easily integrate highly detailed and customizable maps to any application.

Visualize locations of your fleet on a map in any web or mobile application. Combine it with Online Routing, Online Search and Geocoding services for even more capabilities. If you want to locate people, track assets or vehicles, visualize location information or display routes, a map is an essential component to any web or mobile application.

A few reasons to work with us

15+ Years Mapping

We’ve been map-making since our inception in 2002. We’re a trusted maps partner with global map coverage and extensive African coverage.

Innovative Solutions

We believe in creating collaborative location solutions with our clients and partners. Delivering a differentiated set of offerings for the African market.

Level 1 B-BBEE

We’re committed to local development and transformation. With our B-BBEE level status we’ve achieved the ideal balance of global depth and local agility.