intelligent traffic data

We help our clients integrate traffic insights to improve operational efficiencies.

Traffic congestion is a global issue affecting local economies, organisations and the environment.

We believe in reducing congestion by helping to create smarter cities using intelligent traffic data and innovative solutions.

We provide clients with traffic insights to improve operational efficiency through real-time traffic and historical traffic data.

live traffic

Real-time traffic insights offer an accurate and detailed view of average speeds and incidents on the road.

Our traffic insights offer highly granular speed and bottleneck traffic data to help drivers arrive quicker, safer and on time to their destination.

Live Traffic gives your business the ability to:

  • ENABLE local road authorities, highway agencies and traffic management centres to monitor traffic effectively.

  • INTEGRATE real-time traffic into your application for improved route calculations and accurate ETAs.

  • EFFICIENTLY manage your workforce with route optimization within mobile workforce apps.

  • ASSIST fleet managers with routing drivers around traffic incidents, helping to reduce time and fuel cost and increase customer satisfaction

historic traffic

Offering an historical traffic database with over trillions of data points and over 11 billion new records added every day.

If you want to query traffic data based on travel time, average speed and probe counts on certain segments of a road or area on a certain time of day or year, historic traffic data is essential.

Historic traffic gives your business the ability to:

INTEGRATE this data via an API to your own platform to automate large volume queries.

MEASURE infrastructure improvements by analysing pre and post traffic data on a route.

INTEGRATE traffic data with business intelligence applications for improved insights.

speed data

Speed Profiles provides an average measured speed for each road segment based on two years of historical travel time data.

Get access to a uniquely large and rich database of travel time data to analyze and influence intelligent business decisions.

Speed Data gives your business the ability to:

  • SPEED PROFILES – data available for each map segment for each direction, covering all roads. Highly granularity of data with every 5 minutes and every day of the week.

  • CUSTOM AREAS – a detailed set of information to support bottleneck analysis, performance measurement, traffic modelling and site location studies.

  • PROBE COUNTS – a proxy to the total number of vehicles on a road, allowing you to an overview of the relative density of cars and the distribution between location and time.

  • CUSTOM TRAVEL TIMES – analyse specific roads or routes comparing passenger vehicles and/or commercial vehicles.

Accurate traffic data

With up-to-the-minute updates.


Over 65 countries with TMC & open LR location referencing.


11 billion records added each day sourced from over 500 million devices


Up-to-the-minute, granular updates from multiple data sources.

get the right mapping solutions


Let us help transform your business with future-proof, intelligent navigation solutions.


Let us help link your data to geospatial intelligence to understand business trends.


In a connected world find smarter ways to optimise your assets and workforce.

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We’ve been map-making since our inception in 2002. We’re a trusted maps partner with global map coverage and extensive African coverage.

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We believe in creating collaborative location solutions with our clients and partners. Delivering a differentiated set of offerings for the African market.

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