adopt location intelligence

Critical to future business survival.

The growth of connected devices is producing an overwhelming amount of data, leveraging this data is imperative.

Big Data began with answering the what and how. The future lies now in analysing and answering the where.

We provide clients with location intelligence by offering accurate worldwide map data with extensive coverage of Africa.

map data

We offer highly accurate maps for 200 countries and territories, covering over 51 million km of navigable roads globally.

Offering detailed road network information, accurate addresses and extensive speed limits coverage. The map data is ISO certified and meets the requirements of the most demanding applications from geospatial analysis to autonomous driving. The data can be accessed through a variety of formats including SHP files and APIs.

Map Data gives your business the ability to:

  • POWER your fleet and logistics applications with routing, geocoding, navigation and other optional datasets.

  • ENABLE business intelligence systems with location-based data for true analysis.

  • INTEGRATE your app with powerful navigation supported by automotive grade map database, including speed limits and POIs.

online maps

We offer Online Maps, based on automotive-grade quality map data, for you to easily integrate highly detailed and customizable maps to any application.

If you want to locate people, track assets or vehicles, visualize location information or display routes, a map is an essential component to any web or mobile application.

Online Maps gives your business the ability to:

ADD A MAP to your application using APIs with responsive design and global map coverage.

VISUALIZE in real-time the location of your fleet and logistics operations and assets.

COMBINE ONLINE MAPS with advanced geospatial capabilities like online search, geo-coding and routing.

Intelligent Map Making

Using propriety map making technologies we detect real-world changes delivering high-quality, most current and accurate maps.

Multiple contributory data sources to ensure reliable and accurate collected data that enables us to offer the richest, freshest maps.


Accurate worldwide map data

With extensive coverage of Africa.

Automotive-Grade Quality Map Data

Map coverage of over 51 million km of navigable roads globally.


Map coverage for 58 countries and teritories with over 5.1 million km of neavigable roads.


Continual maintenance is carried out on each data set, with regular map release updates.

get the right mapping solutions


Let us help transform your business with future-proof, intelligent navigation.


Let us help link your data to geospatial intelligence to better understand trends.


In a connected world find smarter ways to optimise your assets and workforce.

A few reasons to work with us

15+ Years Mapping

We’ve been map-making since our inception in 2002. We’re a trusted maps partner with global map coverage and extensive African coverage.

Innovative Solutions

We believe in creating collaborative location solutions with our clients and partners. Delivering a differentiated set of offerings for the African market.

Level 1 B-BBEE

We’re committed to local development and transformation. With our B-BBEE level status we’ve achieved the ideal balance of global depth and local agility.