Geospatial Intelligence

Let us help you link different sets of data to geospatial data to understand your business trends.

We provide our clients with the best of breed spatial data.

A comprehensive set of release notes detailing changes and structures accompanies each release.

We are the leading supplier providing accurate and relevant spatial datasets.

Data sets offered

We provide the best of breed spatial data to a broad client base.

National Land Cover Data

A crucial reference dataset.

The National Land Cover Data includes 35 and 72 classes ranging from agriculture, forestry, vegetation, wetlands, mining and built up areas to name a few. Land cover data  supports wide variety of activities ranging from environmental planning and protection, development planning, economic development, compliance monitoring, enforcement and strategic decision making.

NLI Neighbourhood Lifestyle Index

The most widely used dataset for marketing research.

The NLIndex is an income based index, modelled from the 2011 Income and household size data from Stats SA as well as building based land use dataset. The index values are only linked to residential land use classes. Includes data for type of housing, income, education, language, employment status and sector, household size, gender, race to name a few.

NAR National Address Range

Internationally accepted standard dataset.

NAR (National Address Range) dataset uses a national address range to determine street addresses. This is an internationally accepted standard and provides accurate street numbers without the need to maintain an address dictionary which is continually changing.

Cadastre NGI

Offering 1 : 50 000 cadastre data.

Making use of NGI (National Directorate of Spatial Information) as a backdrop to its spatial data. The ERF information has been made query-able in order to add value and intelligence to the set.

Administrative boundaries

Offering all the administrative areas and geographical places in South Africa.

We offer all administrative boundaries for South Africa from enumeration areas to provincial boundaries. Some boundaries are unique (eg licensing districts, police precincts, magisterial districts), obtained from official sources.

get the right location data

Intelligent Location Data

We help our clients to adopt location intelligence critical to future business survival.

Intelligent Traffic Data

We help our clients integrate intelligent traffic solutions to improve operational efficiencies.

A few reasons to work with us

15+ Years Mapping

We’ve been map-making since our inception in 2002. We’re a trusted maps partner with global map coverage and extensive Africa coverage.

Innovative Solutions

We believe in creating collaborative location solutions with our clients and partners. Delivering a differentiated set of offerings for the African market.

Level 1 B-BBEE

We’re committed to local development and transformation. With our B-BBEE level status we’ve achieved the ideal balance of global depth and local agility.